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Exquisite Shorts – A Quarantine Franken-Film for the Ages

Exquisite Shorts is exactly the kind of beautiful absurdity we all need right now.

In the words of Ben Fee: “Exquisite Shorts—adapted from the drawing game “exquisite corpse”—is the direct product of missing making films with friends and peers. Each of the 19 filmmakers or duos was given two words to be spoken, shown, or both—one for the beginning of their own film and one for the end. Nobody knew what the other words or segments were. Each segment’s second word is the following segment’s first word, and so on and so forth, making the films connect fluidly in a stream of consciousness—creating this anthology of diverse visual flavors.” Helping Ben put together the sonic details for this was an absolute treat! I had the great pleasure of doing the overall audio mix on a very tight timeline, as well as creating some original music and sound design for some of the scenes. Two other wonderfully talented musicians, Emile Mosseri, and Daniel Dixon also provided some of the tracks used in the final mix. This project is absolutely jam packed with talent, to call it fun would be an understatement. Get your popcorn ready, the first edition is out now and can be seen at Project credits:

Filmmakers: Ariel Fish, Ben Kutsko, Winnie Cheung, Travis Stevens, Courtney Andujar, Andrew and Elsbeth Mumm, Matt Boman and Tosca Rivola, Hunter Adams, Sarah Lind, Doug Klinger and Machete Bang Bang, Theresa Desautels, Jessica Calleiro, Ben Fee, Emily Andujar and Manuel Taylor-Alcocer, Bossi Dean Baker, June Zandona, Hillary Andujar, Niles Howard and Kayli Stollak, Kevin Kearney and Mary Florence Brown.

Titles: Courtney Andujar

Original music provided by: Emile Mosseri, Jeremy Costa, and Daniel Dixon

Sound Design by Jeremy Costa

Series Producer and Editor: Ben Fee



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