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Finish with confidence;
stem and stereo mastering.   

Mastering is the crucial final stage in music production where the audio is polished and prepared for distribution by combining subtle sonic enhancements with potential corrective treatment. This isn't just about "making it loud". It's about understanding the intentions of the artist to best harness the narrative of the music and emphasize the desired emotional impact.

It does get pretty nerdy though. Industry standards for loudness and tone vary from style to style and platform to platform.  I combine technical application with creative sensibility when mastering different genres for various platforms and playback systems. All of this occurs in open and direct communication.

  • An active member of your creative team

  • Competitive levels based on genre

  • Objective ear and quality control

  • Extensive knowledge of all styles

  • Stem or stereo mastering

  • Leading analog and digital tools

  • Informative communication

Backward Clock Sound is a certified provider of Apple Digital Masters

Does it matter? No, and Yes. Like most modern production studios, we are equipped with a wide selection of state of the art digital processors (plugins). These software based processors have become crucial in modern audio production. Although these tools are indispensable, there is a reason why so many are modelled after real analog hardware. In my humble opinion, these processors offer a level of quality currently unmatched digitally. But, more importantly, they are inspiring to work with - creating better results, faster.

Gear List:

- Neumann KH310
- Neumann KH750 Sub + MA1 Calibration
- Custom  "Auraclone" Cubes

- Antelope Audio Orion Studio SC
- Dangerous Music Convert AD+

- Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss Processor
- Elysia Xpressor
- Empirical Labs Fatso


- Bettermaker EQ 232P MKII
- High Voltage Audio HVA-NEQ

- Rupert Neve Designs Master Bus Transformer
- Radial Space Heater Tube + Transformer Based Summing Amp and Color Box
- Empirical Labs Fatso


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Hear what's in your head;
production, mixing and recording.

 As much as mixing is a technical service, it equally defines the creation itself. Every step of the production will dictate the possibilities and potential of the mix. And every detail in the mix will help emphasize the intentions, emotions and narrative of the music.

As a fellow artist, I approach this process with tact and respect. Creating a  friendly and personal creative space allows the communication to flow freely for the better of the project; this is of the highest priority. We need to know each other to truly understand each other. We need to understand each other to create your music the way you imagine it.

  • Dedicated creative team member

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Mastering included with all mixes           

  • Creative sensibility

  • Extensive expertise

  • Analog and digital tools

  • In-house recording available

Together, we can dig into the vision of the project to define the appropriate actionable direction.

As a creative producer, my role can have many facets. Whether its full scale "A to Z" production or just simply mixing already recorded and arranged material.

From getting funded, to finding the right studio to record. Learning about the project's goals, vision, and limitations is the first step. Depending on the scale and needs of the project, that could even mean hiring other collaborators for recording, mixing or mastering


Lets talk about your projects needs and wants; book a free consultation now.

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Original Music
Sound Design
Audio Post-Production

Create an emerssive sonic experience; or just tidy up your sound.

Backward Clock Sound offers unique, creative and engaging sound design and original music based on your needs.

Creating the soundscapes to accompany video and film is a delicate and subtle art. I take a lot of pride in my ability to sculpt audio unique to your universe. Even more-so though, I take pride in my ability to follow direction as well as manage feedback and revisions. Sometimes exploration and finding the wrong sound or song is a necessary part of the process; and I get that.

This is all about working together.

  • Intentional engaging sound

  • Sound for film/video/games/anything you can think of

  • Audio post-production

  • Audio "clean-up" with leading industry tools

  • Creative development

  • Music of any style or genre

  • Dialogue processing

  • Audio mix and mastering


Podcast Production

  • Technical consultation; home recording, microphone placement, etc.

  • In-house recording available.

  • Team-based approach and creative feedback

  • Original unique theme music and ambient loops

  • SFX and sound bites

  • Radio quality dialogue and vocal processing

  • Competitive pricing

  • Audio clean-up

Your voice big and bold;
branded podcaster packages

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of media. Stand out from the masses with high quality vocal treatment and original branded music made for your show.

Services range from basic audio processing and quality control to a full-on Podcaster Toolkit. I’ll work with you to help develop your brand and set the tone and mood for a consistent listening experience from episode to episode. I like to call this a sonic footprint. But most importantly, a warm and inviting voice.

My Podcaster Toolkit is a one-stop solution for everything you need to make your show great.

I’m an experienced creator across all platforms and genres with a critical, constructive and friendly personality.

Every show has different needs. For this reason, pricing is always done on a case by case basis. Book a consultation so we can put together a Podcaster Toolkit pertinent to your situation.

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